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Olas / lockbox-solana




Olas Competition

Olas is a unified network for off-chain services like automation, oracles, co-owned AI. It offers a stack for building services and a protocol for incentivizing their creation and their operation in a co-owned and decentralized way.

The competition at a glance:

  • Monday, January 15th 20:00 UTC until Friday, January 26th 20:00 UTC
  • $50,000 total prize pool.


  • Bonding_mechanism_with_liquidity_on_Solana_v1_v2.pdf
  • Vulnerabilities_list_solana_lockbox_v1.pdf

Further documentation on OLAS tokenomics and OLAS protocol can be found in what follows:

Prize distribution and scoring

The prize distribution works as follows:

  • Security reviewers will score points for each finding.
  • Prizes are distributed proportionally to the number of points scored.
  • A High Severity is worth 10 points, and a Medium Severity 3 points.
  • Duplicate findings will be resolved using a scoring formula that incentivizes unique findings.
  • Duplicate findings will be resolved using the following scoring formula that incentivizes unique findings:
    • Each duplicate finding will be scaled down by 0.9n1/n0.9^{n - 1} / n0.9n1/n, where nnn is the # of duplicates.
  • 10% of the prize pot is reserved for Low Severity or informational findings. These reports are judged based on quality and researchers are then ranked from 1st to 5th for the purpose of prize allocation:
    • 1st: $2.5k
    • 2nd: $1.25k
    • 3rd: $600
    • 4th: $400
    • 5th: $250


Build Instructions

Basic POC test

Olas Contracts

  • Repository:
  • Commit: 1736f39671c263311b0cedee290aef7eb9a81ef8
  • Total LOC: 1,162
  • Files: all files in src

Out of Scope issues

Known issues Vulnerabilities_list_solana_lockbox_v1.pdf and any issues documented in the doc folders valory-xyz/lockbox-solana/tree/main/lockbox/doc and valory-xyz/lockbox-solana/tree/main/lockbox2/doc or in the audits folders valory-xyz/lockbox-solana/tree/main/lockbox/audits and valory-xyz/lockbox-solana/tree/main/lockbox2/audits.

Contact us

For any issues or concerns regarding Cantina Competitions or Cantina Code - please reach out to us at Cantina.




Total reward:

$50,000 USDC

Start date:

15 Jan 2024 8:00pm (local time)

End date:

29 Jan 2024 8:00pm (local time)

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