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Getting Code Reviewed shouldn't feel like buying a house

Cantina is the one-stop shop for all your security needs, allowing you to source the best network of teams, freelancers, and services to keep your smart contracts secure.

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How it works

Cantina is a marketplace for web3 security that gives protocols the flexibility to easily book a security review with their desired team, price, and timeline.

The Problem

Finding leading security talent to secure your code can be frustrating

Smart contract security review is a power-law game. The best talent gets you exponentially more code coverage.

The big firm trilemma

Typically, dev shops have to compromise on one of the following: price, quality, or responsiveness.

Scaling security services often compromises the quality of review

The most scalable web3 security shops generally have the worst quality while the best shops have limited capacity to meet demand.

The Solution

Your very own network of top crypto + web3 security researchers and firms

Our network is vetted, trained, and ready to secure your code.

Choose your own budget and timeline

Cantina is a modular marketplace with the largest selection of security services and products for web3 dev teams.

Full scoping support with none of the hassle

Scoping a review properly is tedious. Our team of experienced researchers will guide you through the scoping process to maximize your review results.

Assemble your security dream team today

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Cantina is a marketplace for web3 security solutions that enables organizations to easily book security services with their desired team, price, and timeframe.

Cantina Managed is a unique service offered by Cantina. It focuses on providing a seamless and worry-free booking experience to organizations. In this model, Cantina takes the reins and assumes the responsibility of team selection, enabling a more streamlined and efficient process. These managed reviews carry the Cantina logo, giving a unified identity to the service.

Cantina Guilds is a more bespoke experience. Each guild, including Spearbit, has its own set of standards to ensure quality. For services provided by a guild, the logo of that specific guild will appear on the report, lending their own reputation and credibility. Guilds also have the liberty to set their own pricing, which will vary from guild to guild.

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The first marketplace for web3 security. We've aggregated the security talent and solutions so you don't have to.

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