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profile image - arcadexyz/arcade-protocol V4 competition

Competition at a glance

  • Thursday, February 22nd 20:00 UTC to Thursday, March 7th 20:00 UTC
  • Total Prize Pool: $60,000

What is Arcade is the first of its kind Web3 platform to enable liquid lending markets for NFTs. At, we think all assets will eventually become digitized and that NFTs represent a 0 to 1 innovation in storing value and ownership attribution for unique digital assets.'s focus is on building primitives, infrastructure, and applications enabling the growth of NFTs as an asset class. As such, the first product we released is an innovative peer to peer lending marketplace that allows NFT owners to unlock liquidity on baskets of NFTs on Ethereum. Lenders that hold stablecoins or ERC20 tokens can participate in a new source of DeFi yield by underwriting term loans collateralized by borrowers' NFTs. is our end user application that strives to become the premier liquidity venue for NFTs, via a protocol for NFT collateralized loans with flexible terms. Today NFTs are largely digital representations of artwork and media content, however, our belief is that in the not so distant future NFTs will encompass digital rights, metaverse assets, and digital identity.

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Out of scope

Build Instructions

The project builds as follows

// clone the repo

git clone

cd arcade-protocol

// install dependancies

yarn install

// compile contracts

yarn compile

// run test suite

yarn test

Basic Proof Of Concept test

Reference the test/Integration.ts test suite. The test fixture provides all necessary lending protocol contracts. You can also utilize the mock contracts in contracts/test/ folder if you need to deploy mocks. Additionally, you can utilize the migration scripts in scripts/v3-migration/ for POC’s related to the V3 migration flows.

Contact Us

For any issues or concerns regarding this competition, please reach out to core-team on discord.



Escalations Ended

Total reward:

$60,000 USDC

Start date:

22 Feb 2024 10:30pm (local time)

End date:

7 Mar 2024 8:00pm (local time)

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