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Goat Tech - Smart-contracts

Goat.Tech Competition

What is Goat.Tech

Goat.Tech is a social-financial game, where users play by mainly staking ETH in each other’s “Trust Pool” to earn 10 types of rewards, increase reputation (Trust Score), and find out who’s the GOAT (highest Trust Score). Trust Score is fully on-chain; can be used to attract, assess, and target Web3 prospects. Who needs? KOLs, founders, investors, and more.

The contracts will be deployed on Arbitrum One. While we make sure that even devteam cannot touch users’ locked funds in the Locker contracts, we maintain a certain level of centralization in order to intervene when there are bugs or exploits or urgent needs to upgrade contracts. The Controller contract contains core logic and can be upgraded. Despite a certain level of centralization, it’s impossible for the development team to access users’ locked funds in Locker contracts.

There are 2 roles - owner and admin. All contracts have the same owner address. Owner can change admin addresses. In our case, admin addresses are internal contract addresses, not EOAs, so that only internal contracts can call each other. The natural process of software stability takes time and iteration. We’re committed to removing upgradability from our smart contracts, but this process must first run its course.

Prize distribution and scoring

Total Prize Pool $ 80,000

  • Scoring described in the competition scoring page.
  • Findings Severities described in detail on our docs page.
  • Only High and Medium findings would be accepted for Primary Prize Pool.
  • $5,000 of the total prize pool is reserved for Low Severity or informational findings. These reports are judged based on quality and reviewers are then ranked from 1st to 5th for the purpose of prize allocation:
    • 1st $2,500
    • 2nd $1,250
    • 3rd $500
    • 4th $375
    • 5th $375



Build Goat.Tech with Solidity 0.8.8

There are 8 contract files in the "Contracts" folder

  • Controller.sol (important): contains most of the core logic; allows admin to set/modify protocol parameters; is approved by users to withdraw unlocked funds from Locker contracts.
  • DCT.sol: the $GOAT token contract.
  • GlobalAccessControl.sol: when called by an address, other contracts will call this contract to check whether the calling address has access (is admin) or not.
  • PoolFactory.sol: creates a "Trust Pool" for each user, so that other users can stake ETH in that pool.
  • PrivateVester.sol: allows setting/modifying vesting schedule for $GOAT token.
  • Profile.sol: stores on-chain information and parameters of users.
  • Voting.sol: allows users to create reputation Challenges and allows them to Vote on these Challenges; much like voting on proposals.
  • EthSharing.sol: allow users to edit their pool's configuration, such as pool reward rate and staker reward rate.

There are 10 contract files in the "Modules" folder, which are repeatedly used code (to prevent code duplication)

  • AccessControl.sol: a module used by GlobalAccessControl.sol.
  • Cashier.sol (important): facilitates users' depositing & withdrawing funds to/from other contracts.
  • DToken.sol: dividend token that stands for a share in reward distribution.
  • Distribution.sol (important): distributes rewards to dividend token holders.
  • Earning.sol: stores user earning and calculates different kinds of earnings.
  • Initializable.sol
  • Locker.sol (important): stores locked ETH and $GOAT; only Controller contract is approved (once by each user) to with unlocked funds from Locker contracts.
  • PERC20.sol: private, non-transferrable ERC20.
  • UserAccessControl.sol
  • Vester.sol: stores and unlocks token according to vesting schedule set by PrivateVester contract.

Build Instructions

In order to deploy all contracts —> please use scripts prepared here:

Proof Of Concept Instructions

From 18 contract files above, 21 contracts have been successfully deployed on Sepolia Arbitrum testnet. The Dapp is live on Arb.Goat.Tech

Some of these contracts use the same code, for example DCT_earning and ETH_earning use earning.sol, the xxx_dtoken contracts use dtoken.sol, and the xxx_distributor contracts use distributor.sol.

POOL_FACTORY: '0x8e0caee3d94d5497744e2db30eec2d222739df6d': When a pool is created, a P2U_dtoken for that pool will also be deployed; when a user stake in this pool, it will receive this P2U dtoken which represents its Staking Power in this pool (its share of all rewards received through this pool).
CONTROLLER: '0xb4e5f0b2885f09fd5a078d86e94e5d2e4b8530a7'
PROFILE: '0x7c25c3edd4576b78b4f8aa1128320ae3d7204bec'
DCT_EARNING: '0xecc07bf95d53268d9204ec58788c4df067ce075c': stores and calculate user earning in $GOAT.
ETH_EARNING: '0xf7a08a0728c583075852be8b67e47dceb5c71d48': stores and calculate user earning in ETH.
ETH_LOCKER: '0x0265850fe8a0615260a1008e1c1df01db394e74a': stores locked ETH.
DCT_LOCKER: '0x1033d5f886aef22ffadebf5f8c34088030bb80f3': stores locked $GOAT.
E_P2P_DTOKEN: '0x8b64439a617bb1e85f83b97ea779edef49b9dcb2': a pool owner earns Ep2p dtoken when ETH is staked in its pool; this dtoken balance is called the Trust Score.
D_P2P_DTOKEN: '0x72835409b8b49d83d8a710e67c906ae313d22860': a user earns Dp2p dtoken when staking $GOAT in its own pool; this dtoken balance is called Boost-Vote Power (because it's used to Boost one's Trust Score, and Vote on Challenges); this dtoken represents all $GOAT stakers.
DCT: '0x5bfe38c9f309aed44daa035abf69c80786355136': $GOAT token.
VOTING: '0x896604b21c6e9cbce82e096266dcb5798cdda67b'
E_DP2P_DISTRIBUTOR: '0x6df03a30c6f428b88c2bc9cb150d752935d971d0': airdrop/distribute ETH rewards to all Dp2p dtoken holders ($GOAT stakers) pro-rata.
D_DP2P_DISTRIBUTOR: '0xb087427ba44ed71a40ac80b86e41420b7fb595ec': airdrop/distribute $GOAT rewards to all Dp2p dtoken holders ($GOAT stakers) pro-rata.
MULTICALL: '0xea4172c0033e6e90db9d2ee6e56cd27889ff09c3'
D_P2P_DISTRIBUTOR: '0x88185cd296fd85169ee6152728daaef5fcca9c0a': distribute $GOAT (Mining Reward) in 2 steps - to all pools based pool owners' Trust Score (Ep2p dtoken balance) pro-rata, and then to all stakers in each pool based on each staker's Staking Power (P2U dtoken) in that particular pool pro-rata. 
GLOBAL_ACCESS: '0x588cf1494c5ac93796134e5e1827f58d2a8a9cdb'
DEV_TEAM_DTOKEN: '0x03340c677ae7d887e8c4bd57e2fac10c75c479df': dtoken for Protocol Revenue.
DEV_TEAM_DISTRIBUTOR: '0xa42901fc3a89cd2f3ac97b43cf5069b4ef51f40a': distribute ETH Protocol Revenue pro-rata.
PRIVATE_VESTER: '0x484a42a88eb7f673ec3f688ebb17bfa2341ab562'
DCT_VESTER: '0xcbc65770b01bf12f7ccf8ce25adce9c807510976'
ETH_SHARING: '0xe8330ece50934eac7457a712f9079d7775b04c9a'

How to feed Goat.Tech Trust Score On-Chain:

  • Step 1: retrieve the pool address of a user address by calling the getPool(address) function of contract PoolFactory, which is 0x854626ec1e654ecdce94b39e5896587881f844d4 (on Blast Sepolia).
const pool = await ContractPoolFactory.methods.getPool("0x1c60244959213ba28610dd0702bb50cc98328e75").call()
const dctDistributor = pool.dctDistributor;
  • Step 2: Call balanceOf(pool.dctDistributor) function of contract EP2PDToken, which is 0xda73d0e531fce6ddb355ba7d324e7955ebbe15f0 (on Blast Sepolia).
const trustScore = await ContractEP2PDToken.methods.balanceOf(dctDistributor).call()
  • ABI Interface of contract PoolFactory: PoolFactoryABI.json
  • ABI Interface of contract EP2PDToken: EP2PDTokenABI.json

Out of scope

  • Scripts and test files

Automated findings generated by LightChaserV3

Contact Us

For any issues or concerns regarding this competition, please reach out to core-team on discord.




Total reward:

$80,000 USDC

Start date:

19 Mar 2024 8:00pm (local time)

End date:

8 Apr 2024 8:00pm (local time)

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