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About us

At Perimeter, we are the premier experts in the specialized field of fuzzing, offering it as a service to our clients. We are steadfast in our belief that fuzzing is an essential component of any comprehensive smart contract security review.

Our Approach

We employ robust testing through stateful fuzzing with Echidna and Medusa, ensuring your smart contracts are secure and operate as intended.

Our Offerings

  • Comprehensive Stateful Fuzzing Campaigns
  • CI/CD Integration Assistance
  • Expert Guidance on Invariants and Invariant Testing
  • Tailored Fuzzing Assignments (Contact for details)

Why Partner with Perimeter?

Expertise: Leverage our seasoned skills in Echidna-based stateful fuzzing to fortify your smart contracts.

Collaboration: We co-create tests with you, ensuring a tailored approach that prioritizes your specific code and invariants.

Sustainability: Instead of just a report, we provide a full fuzzing campaign, enabling you to continually run tests as part of your CI/CD.


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