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Mukesh Jaiswal

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05 Dec 2022 - 13 Dec 2022

Locke Protocol

07 Feb 2022 - 16 Feb 2022

Security portfolio


Web3MQ Snap Audit

client interface that allows its users to interact with the Web3MQ social messaging network.

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Axelar Netowk

Explore Axelar, a revolutionary decentralized network that enhances blockchain interoperability. Its core elements include validators, smart contracts, developer tools, and the native AXL token, ensuring secure and seamless cross-chain communication and effective network governance

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FIlfi smart contracts (Filecoin Network)

Security audit of the FilFi smart contracts, which manage the storage node joint construction programs in the Filecoin network. The implementation can be described as a co-mining product that achieves its goal through different stages – the fundraising period, encapsulation progress, and distribution of rewards

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Zest Protcol (Stack blockchain Network)

Zest is a lending protocol, which allows institutions to borrow on-chain loans in Bitcoin that are collateralized by off-chain assets

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CodeArena Audits

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