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Unearthing Vulnerabilities, Forging Secure Code


Methodical and detail oriented

Security portfolio


1st place in Juicebox Buyback Delegate C4 audit contest

Minute attention to details here helped me provide value to the protocol

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18th on EigenLayer - C4 audit contest

Enabling restaking of staked Ether, to be used as cryptoeconomic security for decentralized protocols and applications.

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7th place in Beedle - Oracle free perpetual lending

The first contest to ever by judged on the CodeHawks platform.

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6th place in OpenSea Seaport 1.2 C4 audit contest

The devil is in the details

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6th place in MaiaDAO C4 audit contest

One of the most complex systems out there, MaiaDAO provides efficient liquidity renting and management across chains with Curvenized Uniswap V3

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5th place in the Neo Tokyo C4 audit contest

Audited BYTESv2 staking contract. The entire Neo Tokyo ecosystem is a gen in the future GameFI ecosystem

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ENS - Domain Name Service on-chain

Provided quality code improvements advice

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11th place in OlympusDAO: Single Sided Liquidity Vaults

Held on the competitive audits platform Sherlock

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5th place in Fair Funding by Alchemix & Unstoppable

Held on the competitive audits platform Sherlock

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