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I started my journey with Bitcoin as a high schooler in 2011 and gradually made my way into the Ethereum space after working it into my Masters thesis. I currently work in the DevOps team of the Ethereum Foundation and I mainly focus on the Ethereum protocol upgrades. A large chunk of my work involved working on delivering the Ethereum Merge as quickly and as safely as possible. I routinely invest time in testing every Ethereum client as well as help formulate the testing plan we use for the upcoming protocol upgrades.

I have extensive experience with DevOps tools such as Ansible, Terraform and Kubernetes. I currently use a combination of these tools to help setup almost every Ethereum protocol upgrade test network. As a part of my job, I handle the testnet validators and have managed running them at a massive scale for years without any slashing events. Ive also helped audit the validator infrastructure for various teams.

You can find a lot of my testing work in the github organization named ethpandaops

Security portfolio


Kintsugi testnet incident analysis

The kintsugi ethereum merge testnet had a finality incident during testing. I did the analysis and writeup along with client teams.

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Large beaconchain tests

I ran a series of tests to analyze potential strains and limit of the Ethereum beaconchain.

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Redacted Dinero Infrastructure Security review

Reviewed the infra and the liquid staking approach taken by the dinero team

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