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Security Researcher - Penetration Tester - OSWE - OSCE - OSCP - Director Of Security for Web3 Firm



With a solid foundation spanning over a decade in Web2 Security, defsec stands at the intersection of traditional digital security and the burgeoning world of blockchain. Over the past three years, he has pivoted to Web3 Security, distinguishing themselves as a key figure in this new frontier.

Currently serving as the Director of Security for a renowned Web3 security firm, defsec's expertise is broad and multi-faceted. His portfolio boasts collaborations with leading projects in the realms of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), blockchain bridges, and Layer 1 (L1) chains.

Adept at navigating various blockchain ecosystems, defsec has hands-on experience with a diverse range of platforms and technologies, including Cosmos, Cosmwasm, Rust, and EVM-based projects. His proficiency in these domains has not only been acknowledged by industry peers but has also contributed significantly to the security and reliability of many projects.

defsec's prowess as a security expert is further underscored by his impressive record in bug bounty hunting. Through his meticulous assessments and unparalleled attention to detail, he has successfully identified and rectified vulnerabilities that have prevented potential asset losses amounting to over 10 million.

Driven by a passion for ensuring the security and integrity of complex protocols, defsec remains eager and committed to confronting and conquering the intricate challenges posed by the rapidly evolving world of Web3.

Recent engagements

lifinance contracts

13 Mar 2023 - 17 Mar 2023


lifinance contracts

19 Sep 2022 - 30 Sep 2022


Porter v1-core

02 May 2022 - 11 May 2022



04 Apr 2022 - 13 Apr 2022


Security portfolio


Aurora Rust (Near) Audit

The Aurora environment consists of the Aurora Engine, a high-performance EVM—Ethereum Virtual Machine—and the Rainbow Bridge, facilitating the trustless transfer of ETH and ERC-20 tokens between Ethereum and Aurora, within a great user experience. This audit focused on the Fast Bridge, a one-way semi-decentralized bridge created to speed up transfers from Near to Ethereum.

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