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Maxime Viard

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Code by Day, Hack by Night: Pioneering a Safer Web3 Together.


By day, I am a dedicated smart contract developer at LUKSO, specializing in Account Abstraction (including EIP-4337), refining the underpinnings of decentralized applications with meticulous code. As night falls and over the weekends, my alter ego emerges—I become a smart contract hacker, tirelessly exploring new projects and uncovering vulnerabilities. This dual persona has honed my skills, enabling me to act as a digital locksmith, ensuring the robustness of Web3 protocols against potential threats. My journey does not just stop at identifying the flaws; it’s about forging a path towards a more secure and unassailable Web3 ecosystem. Feel free to reach out if you have a question or would like collaborate :)

Recent engagements

Waterfall Market

03 Apr 2023 - 26 Apr 2023


Contracts Exchange V2

09 Jan 2023 - 27 Jan 2023


Shrine and Sanctum

23 Nov 2022 - 01 Dec 2022


Saft Protocol

18 Jul 2022 - 29 Jul 2022


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