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Hi! I am 0xWeiss :)



  • I am an independent security researcher who enjoys reviewing large codebases and understanding complex architectures.

  • I do solo audits, some of them include Lexer Markets, Tapioca DAO, and Ambit Finance.

  • I am a Lead Senior Watson at Sherlock DeFi.

  • I am a security researcher at Paladin Blockchain Security

  • I made one of the most watched long-format videos in the whole space together with Opensense. 1h 15 min explaining my auditing process with over 300 attendees and 6300 views.

  • I presented at the Defi Security Summit 2023 about the importance of security researchers teaming up with Defi protocols.

  • I do sometimes write complex solidity articles :)

Recent engagements


18 Nov 2023 - 01 Dec 2023

Security portfolio


Wallchain Audit (Paladin Blockchain Security)

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Audit with 0xWeiss 1h long video

Online meeting explaining my audit process with over 300 atendees

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Aragon contest c4

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Article about RLP-Encoding

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Article about Bit-shifting and masking in Yul

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Defi Security Summit Talk

This is an on-stage talk about the need of security researchers at the core of a DeFi protocol

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Smardex Audit (Paladin Blockchain Security)

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