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The Maiden Voyage Arrives: Enter the Cantina

Cantina Bouncer

Jul 7, 2023


Mission Accomplished 🫡

We are thrilled to announce the successful culmination of the crowdfunded raise for Solady’s public goods web3 security review under Cantina - the very first decentralized marketplace for web3 security.

To commemorate this moment in web3 security history, we would like announce that all funds will be dedicated to the security researchers performing the review and that Cantina will be waving all fees for public goods security reviews moving forward in the future.Marking this milestone, Nascent, an early-stage venture fund known for their focus on public goods and security, has stepped up with a generous donation of $43,000.

This concludes the raise and setting the stage for a very crucial security review for the entire web3 ecosystem. Additionally, we will be issuing a special POAP for those who contributed to the successful crowdfund in appreciation for their dedication to scaling the web3 security industry:

To truly appreciate this moment in web3 security history, let's trace the journey back to its origins.

A Brief Retrospective

On the 21st of May, Vectorized made an initial call to action in a post requesting a security review of the Solady library:

Despite the initial lukewarm response from the wider web3 community, the Spearbit and Cantina teams were well-aware of the incredible value Solady presents to the web3 industry. And so, we decided to take matters into our own hands:

For us - this was, is, and will continue to be a very obvious decision to make. Our mission is plain and simple:

Scale web3 security with absolutely zero tolerance for compromise on quality

Individuals like Vectorized that dedicated their time to provide valuable public goods to promote security and efficiency across the developer ecosystem have our full respect and support.

To ensure the success of this mission, we are poised to lead the extensive security review of the Solady repository at the conclusion of the public raise. This security review will involve multiple Security Researchers from Spearbit as well as Nascent, both sides working collaboratively with Vectorized in order to ensure that the full scope and context of the review is absorbed.

Key Contributor Acknowledgements

The crowdfunding for Solady's security review could not have been completed without the invaluable support of key contributors who have consistently shown their dedication to nurturing the vision for a truly decentralized financial future.


Nascent has generously contributed $43,000 to complete the remaining amount needed to perform the Solady security review. They have a profound understanding of the importance of security and public-goods in the ecosystem, and have contributed to key projects that the community relies on:

  • Simple Security Toolkit, a collection of practical security-focus guides.
  • Early contributions and designing Foundry.
  • Organizing the very first Foundry seminar which introduced foundry to thousands of new users, with a follow-up seminar introducing advanced features.
  • Pyrometer, a security focused tool for Solidity.

We couldn’t have asked for a better partner and are immensely grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with Nascent on this public goods security review of Solady.


Additionally, we’d like to extend our gratitude towards OpenSea, which contributed $10,000 towards the public goods security review of Solady, of which will feature highly efficient implementations of both ERC721 and ERC1155 standards leveraged by Seaport, an already very efficient protocol. Their support of this public goods security review is a testament to their commitment for providing Seaport users with the highest quality experience they can provide.

Led by z0age (head of protocol development), the team at OpenSea has shown a clear commitment to providing the web3 development community with high-quality public projects such as Seaport. At its core, OpenSea aims to create platforms that facilitate the seamless and efficient exchange of digital goods and their contribution to this pivotal public goods security review is a testament to their belief and support of this industry.

We are deeply honored to have OpenSea as a key contributor to the public goods Solady security review.


A special recognition is due for Vectorized, the driving force behind the Solady library we all know and love. In addition to countless hours, he has contributed an additional $9,588 to his own project, demonstrating once again his strong-willed commitment to continue fostering the growth of Solady for the sake of the web3 development community.

We stand firmly behind builders who dedicate themselves to high-impact open-source projects who are driven purely by the mission to scale the development of an open and free decentralized economy.

It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to bring the highest caliber of web3 security expertise to the Solady public goods security review under the Cantina umbrella as well as the opportunity to collaborate directly with one and only, optimizoor. has generously provided $5,000 to cover expenses required for the Solady public goods security review. Their unwavering advocacy for empowerment of artists and creators in the digital economy, demonstrates their comprehension of the significant advantages that a public review would bring to one of the most popular libraries in the web3 development arena.


0xsplits has given $5,000 towards resources for the public goods security review of Solady. Their noteworthy contribution echoes their enduring commitment to public goods projects within the web3 space.

Known for their development of practical, secure smart contracts for onchain transactions, 0xsplits has transformed the digital economy landscape. With their ability to facilitate a multitude of financial operations, from distributing NFT sales revenue to withholding taxes, they've become a trusted payment solution for forward-thinking teams and a champion for stakeholders across web3 via their commitment to enhancing lives through decentralized technologies.


Lastly, Spearbit has contributed a sum of $20,000 towards the Solady public goods review as well. Spearbit is a distributed network of industry-leading security researchers tackling the most complex and mission-critical protocols across web3.

This initiative to raise funds for this unique review and the contribution made comes with a clear intention and purpose - to scale web3 security without sacrificing on quality. The industry’s best security researchers will be tackling this monumental security review from both Spearbit and Nascent - thereby kicking off a new era of web3 security under the Cantina umbrella.

Individual Contributor Acknowledgements

We’d also like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to the individual contributors that helped close out this raise:

gogotheauditor.eth - 1000 USDC

clabby.eth - 100 USDC

hickuphh3.eth - 1700 USDC

bytes032.eth - 400 USDT

jimbobbins.eth - 100 USDT

aviggiano.eth - 100 USDC

noah.eth - 2000 USDT

indreams.eth - 130 USDC

0xA3539432da7B6275eAfc7E6f0CC4983B8E2c0360 - 0.06 ETH

0xA9D1e08C7793af67e9d92fe308d5697FB81d3E43 - 200 USDC

0x3B36Cb2c6826349eEC1F717417f47C06cB70b7Ea - 0.15 ETH

0x75319dCF2F347b4F7C6F9040a50b4253F7E46681 - 100 USDC

0x6A897b32996D342535791a74B8a40E75DDf2486e - 0.1 ETH

A Glimpse into Cantina’s Future

The security review of Solady is slated to start in early August. Once the review has concluded, all results will be made publicly available on the Cantina website.


The web3 security space will undergo drastic changes over the next few years. At Cantina - we have full intention of leading the charge towards equitable, high-quality, and efficient security services transactions between client and researchers across the web3 ecosystem.

Stay tuned researchoors, there’s plenty more to come 🪐

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